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The journey that began in 1996 for me in machine quilting has been exciting.  I have learned so much from so many that it would not be fair to begin naming them all.  I'm still learning, and hope to continue learning throughout my life!  I am most grateful for the mentors of my local quilt guilds that have inspired, taught, and directed me in the pursuit of my career path. I am so happy to call many notable machine quilting teachers my peers as I have been able to travel around the nation to teach my skills and share my knowledge.


I enjoy textile art, creating custom patterns, stretching my abilities and pleasing customers by sharing my talents.  

My greatest love is my family!  I thank them all for their support in my pursuits.


Please enjoy the photo gallery of quilts.  Keeping in mind that I am following my customers instruction as I offer my quilting services.  There are many times I wish that I could quilt their quilts much more extensively, but time and money are often a factor.


I love what I do!  I hope you will enjoy the gallery.

Happy Quilting my friends!



Grandma's Sewing Camp !


My good friend 
Tori comes for a visit and quilts
her Xmas quilt in my studio!

Thread play on the longer machine creating feathers!

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