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"HOW TO SEAM"                              QUILT BACKINGS

Helpful Backing Tips:

The figures to the left are helpful tips on how to piece your backings. 

Be sure to shorten your stitch length when sewing these seams.  Use a 1/2" seam allowance and press seams open so that they will lay flat and not create bulk that can be defined on the top of your quilt.


It is important to make your backing 4-6"" larger on all sides of your quilt back.  This aids in the loading and clamping done and allows room for custom boarder work and thread tension checks.


It is vital that your quilt backing TOP and BOTTOM edges are TRIMMED STAIGHT EDGES and even for proper loading on machine frame rollers.

($10.00 fee charged for trimming)

APPROXIMATE measurements for quilts:
Twin 63" x 87" (Fig. 1)  5 1/4 yards backing fabric
Double 78" x 87" (Fig. 1)  5 1/4 yards backing fabric
Queen 84" x 92" (Fig. 2)  7 1/4 yards backing fabric
King 92" x 100" (Fig. 3)  8 yards backing fabric
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